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About CatBit Software

Posted: 13 Nov 2017 11:17
by Thorium
The company CatBit consist of:
  • Janos David Ommert: CEO, founder, software developer and lead programmer
  • Aarne Jungerberg: lead game designer
  • Mischa Ommert: head of operations, financial accounting and general organization.
Janos David Ommert established CatBit Software in the middle of 2016 in Hessen, Germany,
to get self-employed with dynamic CNC programming in the industrial field.

From the start, it was his intention to put the generated money into creating a game development team.
He recruited a highly motivated team, that shares his dream. And started a partnership with Dievolution.
We all are passionate gamers, and we made it our business to develop games from gamers for gamers.