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Post by Thorium » 03 Jul 2018 20:13

Who are you guys?
We are Team CatBit, which consists of CatBit Software and a number of partners we are working with.

I am Janos David Ommert, the founder of CatBit Software. Some may still remember me as Thorium from the Sacred 1 community.
I was one of the founding members of SacredVault and mainly responsible for the development of the unofficial 2.29 Sacred Underworld Patch, the Veteran Mod and Cheater's Nightmare.

Our lead game designer is Aarne Jungerberg, who was the lead game designer of Sacred, he is my employee for about 2 years now.

The other core members of the team are Cords-Illustration (self employed graphics designer with game experience).
Nailia, which is putting her free time into the project and is a front end developer in her day job.
And Johnny, who is also putting his free time into the project and is a game designer for a big and well known franchise in his day job.

All team members are on our Discord server, which is open to the public. So if you want to get to know us more, join our Discord server.
Then there are a number of team external partners we are collaborating with, some of them are also on our Discord.

Is this a new Sacred game?
No, it is not.

We do not own a license to produce a game in the Sacred franchise. We are making a ARPG, more precise a diablo-like, which will have similarities to games like Diablo, Sacred, Path of Exile and more. We do take some inspirations from Sacred, like the open seamless world. But LifeLeech will have it's own world, lore, characters and game mechanics. Since Aarne Jungerberg is the lead game designer of LifeLeech and he had the same position on Sacred, you may find similarities in the style of LifeLeech and Sacred.

Some people are already saying this could be a spiritual successor to Sacred. That is their own opinion and time will tell if others will perceive it the same. We are advertising it as a new IP that happens to be made by some people who worked on Sacred.

Is this another Unbended?
No, this game is not related to Unbended.

No one who worked on Unbended is currently working on LifeLeech. It's not impossible that this may change, we would like to work with more people from the old Sacred team in the future.

My personal view about Unbended is that i was one of the people that gave some money to the project and i was sad that it just never happened. But we all got our money back, so there is nothing to be upset about.

How is the game funded?
Currently it is funded by my personal funds and work hours team members donate to the project.
At this stage it is a pure passion project. We are working to get a prototype done, which we will use to raise funds to produce the final game. We will not ask anyone for money, if we don't have a prototype for you to download and play.

Why do you tell us about LifeLeech if you don't ask for money now?
We need more team members who want to contribute to the project.
We can use all kind of talented people but we are mostly in need of graphics artists, because the graphics assets are the bulk of the work.

When will the prototype be ready?
I can't tell you a fixed date right now as it is very much dependent on how much time the team members can allocate towards the project. But it should be only a few month away.

What will the prototype contain?
It will have one playable character, a few enemies to fight and a very small part of the map. Most of the game mechanics will already be present in the prototype, like character progression, battle system, item system and even multiplayer. We are actually building the game with multiplayer in mind from the ground up, so every new feature that is implemented is working in multiplayer right away.
The prototype will be free for download and you will be able to host your own servers as well as play in singleplayer.

Which engine do you use?
Unreal Engine 4

Why don't you use engine "insert name here"?
We have looked at all the big engines and UE4 is the best fitting for our project for a number of reasons.
One of the most important reasons is that it comes with a feature called World Composition, which enables us to make a open seamless world. There is still some code we need to add to make it working as we need it, but all the ground work is already done by the engine. That does not mean it's impossible to do it with another engine but UE4 just has a lot of the features we need, right out of the box.

Are you still searching for new team members?
Yes absolutely!
We need graphics artists, a story writer, musicians, sound artists, level designers, etc.
If you have free time and you think you have some skills the project could benefit from, join our Discord server and get in touch with us. Currently we can't pay you for your work but everyone who joins the team at the current stage becomes part of the core team and if the project is successful this will be the foundation of our future work together.

Were can i get news and more information?
Discord: https://discord.gg/9NCRNpE
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatBit_Software
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/catbit_thorium
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thoriumus
Forum: https://www.CatBit.biz
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